2012       BA in Visual Arts, Media, Minor in Ethnic Studies: The University of California at San Diego

Exhibition History

2018 Untitled Newspaper Stand Project

2017       Walking On Ice
soft. core.
                     Plus One
Los Angeles, CA

2016       Find the Seat, Take a Load Off, the Worrying's Already Begun.
homeLA // Rose Hills
                      Los Angeles, CA

               Selected works, You Can't Take A Picture. It's Already Gone 
                       San Diego Art Institute
                            Bring Your Own Beamer
                       San Diego, CA

               Dancing Amongst the Lilies
                       San Diego Art Institute
                       MAS Attack
                       San Diego, CA

               Can You Hear Me Worrying in the Bathroom?
                          homeLA // Angelino Heights
                      Los Angeles, CA

San Diego Art Institute
                          Best in Show
                     San Diego, CA

2015       Monsters Never Create Themselves
                       homeLA // San Marino
                       San Marino, CA

               Dragged through the System
San Diego Art Institute
                          (Con)Text: Rethinking Language in Art
                      San Diego, CA

2014       Bike Fo(u)r
                          Logan Heights, CA

      Hair Scene, Our Hair Out of Place
             The Hill Street Country Club
             Coastal Collective Group Show
             Oceanside, CA

2013       Like a Hair from Milk: A Mundane Jubilee, Our Hair Out of Place
                       La Mesa, CA


The Details of Portraiture (homeLA Process Record, 2017)
Can You (Still) Hear Me Worrying In The Bathroom (homeLA Process Record, 2016)

Professional Development

2016       Disappearing Content: Snapchat and Instagram Stories
Museum Computer Network Panel Presentation
                   New Orleans, LA

               Better Together: Social Media Collaboration & Community Outreach
ArtsReach Panel Presentation
                  Los Angeles, CA

              Introduction to Snapchat for Businesses
San Diego Online News Association Workshop
               San Diego, CA

2015       Putting the Social in Social Media: The Rise of Social Media Museum Associations
Museum Computer Network Panel Presentation
               Minneapolis, MN

               Eat, Chat Collaborate: Dinner Dialogue about Collaborative Video Production
               California Association of Museums Discussion Moderator
               San Diego, CA

2014       Playing Nice: How to Produce a Collaborative Video with Other Museums
                  Museum Computer Network Panel Presentation
               Dallas, TX